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Are you looking for a Tarmac (Tarmacadam) and Asphalt contractor in South Dublin? Tarmac and Asphalt are two of the most widely used materials for construction roads, driveways, paths, and walkways, Interestingly, these materials resemble each other in appearance and function, but they have several differences.

At Ace Driveways & Patios, you receive expert and honest advice to help you choose the correct option for your Tarmac or Asphalt driveway. In addition, we can help your repair existing tarmac or asphalt driveways, paths, and patios. With over ten years of experience in dealing with various Tarmac, Asphalt and Tarmacadam surfacing, you can trust Ace Driveways & Patios to fulfil your Tarmac or Asphalt installation requirements

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What is Tarmac and Asphalt?

First, it is essential to define these two materials and understand their similarities and differences. Tarmac refers to a mixture of crushed stone mixed with tar. This mixture is first laid before it’ compacted using a vibrating roller to create a smooth surface. On the other hand, asphalt is the modern version of tarmac where tar is replaced by bitumen.

Although the asphalt mixture resembles tarmac, it is devoid of external materials making it more hardwearing. Both Asphalt and tarmac are used to make driveways, pavements, paths, and road surfaces.

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At Ace Driveways & Patios Bray, we can help you make an informed choice when deciding whether to choose Asphalt or Tarmac for your new driveway or external area. You will receive expert and honest advice to ensure that you understand the pros and cons of using either material for your driveway or outside area.

Benefits of Tarmac driveways in Bray

  • Long-lasting
  • durable
  • Quick and easy to install

Benefits of asphalt driveways in Bray

  • Low maintenance costs

  • Durable and strong

  • Affordable

The difference between Tarmac and Asphalt

Tarmac is not reusable, but Asphalt can be scoured off the surface, reprocessed, and used again. This makes asphalt a more economical and environmentally friendly material than tarmac. Other advantages of asphalt include. It has a smoother texture, which enhances its ability to grip tires, making tires it safer. Asphalt is easier to maintain than tarmac.

At Ace Driveways & Patios Bray, we are experts at using both asphalt and tarmac for installing driveways or pavements. Contact us with your surfacing requirements and we will respond promptly to your request.

Why choose Ace Driveways & Patios Bray?


Leading paving contractor:

Ace Driveways & Patios is an experienced Tarmac & Asphalt Contractor, serving South Dublin areas. Whether it is a private driveway or open space, you can trust Ace Driveways & Patios to provide a high-quality surfacing finish.


Affordable pricing:

We offer affordable pricing, yet we do not compromise on quality for every Tarmac (Tarmacadam) job we undertake in all Bray.


Quality materials:

We use high-quality Asphalt and Tarmac materials to build your driveway, pathways, and other areas to produce a fantastic job. Contact Ace Driveways & Patios today on 0870 525924 to discuss your plans and Tarmac of Asphalt surfacing requirements.

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